Digital Marketing Specialist.
Social Media & Community Manager.
Growth Hacker.
Creative Director.

  • Growth hacked for brands from zero to 18k followers (and counting).
  • Campaigns brought $60k in revenue on a budget of $1k (6000% ROI, 2016).
  • Produced an ad that was viewed 2M times online on a budget of $3k.
  • Created a Google Docs project that improved the workflow efficiency for 50+ employees.


Danny is a digital marketing specialist who has managed, created content, and growth hacked for brands, building them from zero followers to having over 18k+ real followers. He has captivated audiences with short film projects, amassing over 2 million views over Facebook and YouTube, and as a content marketer he has written articles that reached over 180k unique readers, often re-shared by websites and internet communities.

Google AdWords certified, he continues to refine his knowledge, techniques and strategies in achieving the highest ROIs in his digital marketing campaigns whether SEM, SEO, or social, as evidenced by graduating from the Digital Marketing Management course at the University of Toronto.

He has worked with the following companies in the past:
Goose Digital, Nvision Solutions, Postmedia Network, Mundo Media, Nickelodeon, Corus Entertainment, YTV, Teletoon, Cialis, Playtex, The Salvation Army, Fairchild Television, Fit Factory Fitness.

Outside of work, Danny is training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Mixed Martial Arts, watches and writes about films, and continues to plan and execute his next film and art projects.