Content Marketing

Every business or website needs content to attract traffic and generate new leads. Sadly, most businesses do not even have a content plan or strategy in place to take advantage of people’s interests and daily internet searches.

Whether it’s an informative blog post, a downloadable white paper guide, or a video that goes viral – content plays a huge part in your inbound marketing strategy in boosting your traffic and organic search rankings.


Danny has worked as a blogger / content marketer for large companies and small businesses for over 5 years. He researches and dives deeply into his chosen subject matter and is able to guide the reader through complex themes and issues in his articles.

By approaching each piece of content as he would in crafting a story or film script – he captures the reader’s imagination and taps into their emotional response system, engaging users to understand and share his content.

By growth hacking the online social ecosystem, he is able to drive unique targeted visitor traffic while affirming brand recognition and authority.


  • Daily blog writing for Corus Entertainment and their family of brands including and, promoting their kids television and web content such as Spongebob Squarepants and Archer.
  • Writing original WordPress blog posts totaling over 200k+ views (and counting) for clients and brands.
  • Writing articles online for film, news, entertainment, and culture websites / blogs including,,,
  • Wrote an article that earned “Most Viewed Story of 2015” from, was gilded 3x on
  • Wrote a blog post about Bruce Lee that was widely recognized over the internet, re-posted by other websites, and even re-shared by Bruce Lee’s Official Facebook page by Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee.

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