Social Media Strategy

If your business or brand isn’t on social media today – you are basically invisible to the customer. Without a high quality social media strategy, many businesses that thrive off of word of mouth sales and user advocacy would not survive.

A proper social media strategy / plan is necessary to put your business at the forefront of the social media conversation where users can see your online profile and engage with your business in real time – generating brand awareness, word of mouth, and new leads.
Danny has been working in the realm of social media, strategy, content creation (writing, photo, video), and community management for over 5 years.

He has worked with both large scale media companies such as Corus Entertainment (YTV, Teletoon) on managing their social media calendar and day to day activities as well as devising intricate, strategic social media campaigns (growth hacking) for start up companies and small businesses alike.
He has real world knowledge of social media best practices and knows how users interact and engage on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

He creates visually stunning posts and videos while engaging the audience with genuine copy writing, knowledgeable language, and proper calls to action. He applies a warm and friendly community management voice to keep his audience engaged – turning them into loyal brand advocates.

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