stephon_ho“Committed and disciplined.”

Having worked with Danny for two years developing the Dynasty Clothing brand, I can attest to the fact that he was an exceptional Creative Director. What struck me the most was his commitment and discipline to his work along with perseverance when faced with challenges in building the brand equity of Dynasty Clothing. In addition to his artwork and designs, he was also a seasoned social media marketer in a sense that his content can attract and would reach the right target audience of the brand. Danny is detail-oriented at the same time he carefully managed and finished all projects on time and within budget. Most importantly, he was very passionate about his work. I would have him on my team at any time.
Stephon H., March 15, 2015, Stephon worked directly with Danny at Dynasty Clothing

carl_w_jones“Dedicated employee with high standards.”

Danny is a dedicated employee with high standards. He applies his current skill set to search for original creative solutions. When he accepts a project he dedicates himself 24/7 in the search for a high “contemporary” quality solution. I would hire Danny again if given the opportunity.
Carl W. J., March 12, 2016, Carl managed Danny at Grey Canada

randall_yip“Expertly works social media.”

Danny writes provocative blogs that generate a lot of page views, shares and comments. He dives beneath the surface and provides his readers a greater understanding of the complex issues he explores. He expertly works social media to give his blogs greater reach.
Randall Y., November 3, 2016, Randall managed Danny at Freelance Writer

jack_yan_chen“One of the hardest working people I know.”

Danny is one of the hardest working people I know. We collaborated together as a Director / Cinematographer on a commercial project. Always giving it 110% percent with every shot, and always striving to do just a little bit better. I heartily recommend him for any creative endeavor.
Jack Y. C., March 12, 2015, Jack worked directly with Danny at DTMUniversal Productions